Saturday, September 24, 2011's Electoral Map: Presidential Election 2008

                       News Release

      For Release:  Oct. 31, 2008’s Electoral Map Puts Political Prognostication under User Control, the premier online destination for news and information for Election 2008, allows its users to put the Electoral College within their control allowing them to forecast presidential election results themselves.
At, users can click on any state, pick their winners and watch as electoral votes add up. Although the “You Call the Race” map starts with CNN’s current estimate, users can with a click display a repeat of the 2004 presidential election, a blank slate or a 269-269 electoral tie. Through a variety of clicks, they can create their own scenarios.
                From that map, users have easy access to the site’s “Election Tracker” maps which detail Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama’s polling numbers, fundraising efforts, ad spending and state-by-state visits. A “Power Play” feature enables users to mash up campaign strategies to see how they’re working in each state.
Users also will have a chance to revisit the electoral vote breakdown from the past four elections. As polls close on Election Day, Nov. 4, the Electoral Map Calculator will automatically update with the most up-to-date information as it comes in to CNN on the battle for the White House.
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